What is "Deal Trade" service?

DEALTRADE.IO is an international trading company that operates on major cryptocurrency exchanges.

Our company opens access to earnings on the cryptocurrency exchange without experience, large deposits and special skills for absolutely everyone, with the possibility of obtaining high percentages of profitability.

The company has a number of unique trading methods that use highly intelligent and self-learning trading systems. Most of our work is market analysis. We are familiar with all the news and understand how certain factors will affect the market.

We have created our investment platform with the aim of long-term cooperation with the possibility of maximizing profits for both parties.

Connect to mutually beneficial cooperation with real professionals in trading in the cryptocurrency market and get completely passive income! Our specialists take on all the difficulties of trading, and you are provided with the most simple and comfortable conditions for earning money.

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Company Legality

Deal Trade Limited is an officially
incorporated company
under the number:


We are an officially registered company in the UK and operate in accordance with international investment legislation. Our investment offers fully meet the needs of investors, are transparent and backed by real investment activity. Ensuring a large profit is impossible without ensuring high security. This is why our company has one of the highest levels of EV SSL data encryption, as well as a DDOS protection system.

DEAL TRADE LTDdealtrade.io

How much can I earn?

USD 0.30
USD 2.10
USD 9.00
USD 109.50

I invest $10

$50 000
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Earn 5% of your deposit amount DAILY.

The term of the deposit is 365 days.

5% daily even on weekends

Interest on the deposit is accrued 7 days a week.

Fast withdrawal

Fast withdrawal of profits to available payment systems.

Can I earn more or without investment?

Yes. Using our affiliate program in 3 levels. Take the opportunity to earn commissions. Everyone can register for free and use our affiliate program.

First Level 7%
Second Level 5%
Third Level 2%

How to start?

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